FA Nutrition - Carborade Recovery Bar (24 x 40 g.)

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Model: FA Nutrition - Carborade Recovery Bar (24 x 40 g.)
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FA Nutrition - Carborade Recovery Bar (24 x 40 g.)

  • Tasty and convenient meal
  • Instant energy fuel
  • Ideal snack during the day

Carborade® Bar is energy bar based on cereals with dried fruit pieces. It is recommended for every active people during training session as energy source and for every other which want to sie up body energy. It is convenient wholegrain fuel for people on the go, in a range of delicious flavours. Carborade® Bar is a great snack, you can use it at work, after school or on the weekend. Carborade® Muesli Bar are a nutritious snack that both kids and adults love to eat.






Nutrition declaration 100 g 40 g
Energy 2111 kJ1, 2190 kJ2 / 505 kcal1, 526 kcal2 845 kJ1, 876 kJ2 / 202 kcal1, 210 kcal2
Protein 9,0 g1, 4,4 g2 3,6 g1, 1,8 g2
Carbohydrate 57,0 g1, 48,2 g2 22,8 g1, 19,3 g2
   of which sugars 41,2 g1, 35,2 g2 16,5 g1, 14,1 g2
Fat 26,2 g1, 33,9 g2 10,5 g1, 13,6 g2
    of which saturates 5,9 g1, 25,9 g2 2,4 g1, 10,4 g2
Fibre 2,5 g1, 5,2 g2 1,0 g1, 2,1 g2
Salt 0,03 g 0,01 g

1Ingredients: Milk chocolate 30% [sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cocoa mass, whey powder, skimmed milk powder, milk fat, emulsifier (soy lecithin), flavouring], filling 70% [glucose syrup, peanuts 16%, wheat crisps 10% (wheat flour, sugar, wheat malt, wheat starch, palm oil, salt, flavouring), hydrogenated palm fat, invert sugar syrup, sugar, maltodextrin, humectant (sorbitol), skimmed milk powder, emulsifier (soy lecithin), salt, acidity regulator (sodium citrate), flavouring].

Recommended use: Can be used before or after training or as a snack. 

Warnings: May contain traces of sesame and nuts. Store in dry and cool place away from direct sunlight. A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are recommended.

Net weight: 40 g

Flavours: 1Peanuts bar milk chocolate coating, 2Coconut bar milk chocolate coating.


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