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FA Nutrition- Vitamins&Minerals (120 tablets)

Model: FA Nutrition- Vitamins&Minerals (120 tablets)
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FA Nutrition- Vitamins&Minerals (120 tablets)

VITAMINS & MINERALS - “it’s in the name!” A vitamin and a mineral complex created for athletes who train hard, whose demand for vitamins and mineral significantly increases due to considerable quantities of the majority of vitamins, soluble in water, that are lost from the body with exercise. To meet the expectations of advanced athletes, the product contains numerous plant extracts used to support the body around the time of a workout.

From the point of view of an athlete, vitamins and minerals are so important because they help:

  • maintain normal energy metabolism
  • the functioning of the nervous system
  • the functioning of the immune system
  • protect cells against oxidative stress
  • reduce fatigue

The Products design is to assist the body in the area of mind and body, supply energy and provide protection against the activity of free radicals. The addition of piperine (Bioperine®) from black pepper has been added to enhance the absorption of all the nutrients.

Vitamins & Minerals. Food supplement.

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