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Blade Sport - Fusion 4 (2270 gr.)

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Model: Blade Sport - Fusion 4
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Blade Sport - Fusion 4 (2270 gr.)

BLADE FUSIONis a broad spectrum protein intended for pure muscle growth and helps maximizing muscle gain whilst avoiding hunger and anxiety. It is easier than consuming a perfect combination of adequate amount of protein from different sources. BLADE FUSION4 perfectly nourishes the body with 4 high-quality proteins (WPI, WPV, Wheat protein, milk protein) with the effect of gradual absorption. It is a complex protein that provides a gradual protein source for your body during a day when you need a serving of protein with prolonged effect (Especially if you're not able to eat for a longer time). 

  • 71% whey protein concentrate
  • whey protein isolate
  • wheat protein and milk protein
  • 22g protein mix and 4800mg BCAA in each serving
  • great mixability
  • delicious tastes

With no added sugar. Contains naturally occurring sugar. 

Suggested directions for use:

Mix 1 scoop (30gr.) into 250ml of water/milk. Can be taken at anytimem before or after gym, day or night. .

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